- Terms and Conditions -

In the following terms & conditions "The Photographer" shall refer the photographer or Associate, trading as JB Photography Yorkshire. "The Client" shall be those deemed bride and groom in the wedding booking. It is agreed that the following terms & conditions set out the total agreement made between the parties and that there is no modification of this contract unless agreed by both the photographer and client in writing.
A non-refundable booking fee of £100 along with full acceptance of terms and conditions is required to secure your dates/times and photographic services. In the event of cancellation the non-refundable booking deposit is non transferrable and is the agreed loss sufferered by the photographer due to the cancellation. The booking deposit will be deducted from the clients chosen package when calculating final payment costs. Payment in full of the remaining balance is due no later than one calender month before the wedding day. None payment of the remaining balance by this date will be considered breech of contract and photography services will be withdrawn. Weddings that are postponed to a later date will retain the same fee so long as a photgrapher is available on the new date requested otherwise shall be treated as a cancellation.
Full details of the wedding arrangements, times and locations are to be arranged in writing prior to the event, any changes must also be in writing, email is preferred. The photographer can not be held liable for delays or disruption in the delivery of their services where acknowlegement of changes has not been given in writing by the photographer or any last minute changes of plan.
The bride and groom agree to set aside enough time to complete all the requested pre-wedding ceremony photographs. The photographer will not be held liable for lack of time to take the desired/requested photographs.
The client may cancel this contract at anytime by giving written notice to JB PHOTOGRAPHY YORKSHIRE however in doing so they forfeit all monies paid. Cancellation less than 6 weeks before the event will result in full payment becoming due. ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING, email preferred.
The client(s) agree to the photographer displaying any photograph covered by this contract to promote business, not limited to but including: use for advertising purposes, website and social media, sample albums etc.
Images can take 6-12 weeks after your wedding date to arrive. The client understands and accepts that the photographic coverage will be to the photographer's professional expertise and that no one photograph will be deemed more important than another. All images will be adjusted for exposure, brightness, sharpness, contrast etc. Unless agreed upon prior to any editing work, high resolution USB and/or photographic content may contain a mixture of colour, black and white and selective colour images. An alternatively coloured version of a photograph can be purchased at the current rate. Where special requests/effects have been requested the photographer will do their best to meet the clients request, however this is not always possible, so will not be taken as a binding instruction. The client recognises that this is an uncontrolled environment and due to various factors, weather, lighting, movement restrictions, availability/willingness of subjects, amongst others, are outside of the photographers control. The photographers judgement regarding all corrections/effects and the number of images put forward to the client shall be deemed as correct. No RAW files will be given to clients. All images produced will be in the format of high resolution jpegs. Any futher manipulation or artistic finishing is available as an added option at extra cost, please discuss your needs with the photographer.
A sufficient time of upto 20 weeks is allowed after the wedding date for full albums to be produced and delivered. All prints and re-orders shall be treated as an extension of contract at extra cost and no responsibility for error shall be accepted unless orders are given in writing and agreed upon by the photographer.
The copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 assign the copyright of the images to the photographer. As such all images must not be changed in any way, digitally or otherwise, without prior written consent from the photographer. No albums can be reproduced by clients. Copyright on all products sold by the photographer remain the property of the photographer, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The photographer shall be granted artistic license in relation to poses photographed and locations used. The photographers judgement regarding location/poses and number of images taken shall be deemed as correct. Due to vagaries in the weather and willingness of subjects it may not be possible to capture all images requested. For a booking involving a church ceremony or at certain venues, the photographer's movements may be restricted by the offical in charge. The area from which the photographer is able to cover the ceremony may not be the photographers choice and as such the photographer will not accept responsibility for any obstucted or limited view.
The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation by either party owing to any cause beyond their control. Although all equipment is checked regulary and steps are taken to ensure all equipment is working before attendance including back up cameras, the photographer will not be responsible for photographs that are not produced due to techincal failure.
In the highly unlikely event of a total photographic failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or in any other circumstance, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.
Any complaints are to be made within 7 days of first becoming aware of the problem and in any event within 7 days of delivery of albums/products.
Any directions issued to clients, their guests or employees are deemed to be undertaken at said persons own risk. The photographer can not be held responsible for any personal accidents during a photgraphic shoot.
The agreement shall be goverened in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The terms of this contract are accepted by any and all parties when booking.